Dr. Dhanraj T Masram

(Associate Professor)


Dr. Dhanraj T Masram

Dr. Dhanraj T. Masram is working in Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi as Assistant Professor. He has served as Lecturer in Department of Chemistry, R. T. M. Nagpur University from 2004 to 2009 and succeeded his Ph.D. degree from the same University. He has also worked as researcher at School of Materials Science, JAIST, Japan. Dr. Masram has received young scientist award from DST-SERB, Government of India and he is presently working on projects from various funding agencies of Government of India like DSTand DBT. He has supervised five Ph.D.,two M.Phil.,three M.Tech students and presently four Ph.D. research scholars are working with him. His aim is to develop synthetic methodologies for materials andcharacterization of crystalsfor systematic understanding of nanostructural dynamics of molecules for their applications as catalyst, biosensorsand in bioinorganic chemistry.He has published various research articles, reviews,book chapters in national and international journals and also co-authored a book with Nova international publishers. He has presented his research work at number of national and international seminars and conferences which include invited lectures.

Selected Publications:

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