Prof. Rakesh Kumar Sharma


Dr. Rakesh  Kumar Sharma

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Sharma (born 23rd July 1974 at Najafgarh, New Delhi) did his B.Sc. (Gen) from Ramjas college, University of Delhi: M.Sc. from Jamia Millia Islamia: M.Phil. & Ph.D from Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi. He was junior & senior research fellow in a DST funded research project. He was appointed lecturer in Ramjas college in 2005 where he served for more than two years. After that he was appointed lecturer in the Department of Chemistry in Sept 2007 where he is currently serving as Professor. He has visited the Department of Medicine, University of Buffalo (SUNY) as Raman Post doctoral fellow sponsored by the University Grant Commission, Government of India. He has published about thirty research Papers in national and international journal. He has delivered Invited talks and attended several national and international conferences. His research interest includes Preparation, characterization and applications of metal/ceramics/polymeric/magnetic nanoparticles. Five students have got their Ph.D and four more are registered under him.

Selected Publications:

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