NameSpecialisationResearch Area
Prof. Shrikant KukretiOrganicMulti- stranded DNA structures, anti gene, antisense strategies, biomolecular interactions, drug DNA interactions using biophysical and biochemical methods.
Prof. Rama KantPhysicalDiffusion to complex electrochemical and biological interfaces electric double layer in charged rough and thermally modulated membranes and liquid-liquid interfaces, polymers, wetting, developing mathematical models and techniques concerning boundary value problems involving complex geometries.
Prof. D. S. RawatOrganicDesign and synthesis of genotoxic and non genotoxic anticancer agents trixanes, tetraoxanes, and trioxane/tetraoxane aminoquinoline based modular molecules as antimalarial agents process development of novel drugs and drug intermediates, developments of new catalysts, heterocyclic and supermolecular chemistry.
Prof. Sunil K SharmaOrganicDesign and development of new selective transformations, total synthesis of complex molecules of biological sisgnificance development of enantio-, regio- or chemoselective reactions use of a variety of techniques including spectroscopy, enzymology, chemical synthesis and biomolecule synthesis and engineering role (s) of weak interactions in macromolecular complexes, preparation of analogue, nucleosides or other non nuceosides entities that are incorporated into
Prof. S. K. AwasthiOrganicPeptide synthesis, PNA technology, antisense approach and combinatorial chemistry
Prof. Subho MozumdarPhysicalBio physical chemistry of protiens and DNA, protein- DNA interactions, drug-DNA delivery.
Prof. Rajeev GuptaInorganicBio-inorganic chemistry , bio- mimetic oxidation chemistry mediated by transition metal ions, catalysis, supermolecular and coordination chemistry.
Prof. Natesan ThirupathiInorganicDeveloment of homogeneous catalysts for metal mediated organic transformations with special emphasis on their preparation, structure, reactivity, and applications in organic transformations, investigation of the structure, reactivity and the bonding aspects of non- metal rings and cages that would find applications as, for example non-ionic bases and super-bases in organic transformations.
Prof. Mahendra NathOrganicSynthesis and efficient peripheral functionalization of poryphrins and biomimmetic metallo-poryphrins to design unique designs of poryphrinic enediynes as photo-theraupetic agents for photo dynamic therapy applications .
Prof. R. NagarajanPhysicalMultiscale modelling and stimulations at the nanoscale, statistical theory of protein folding and combinatorial protein design; Statistical designs and molecular dynamics stimulation of bio polymers such as proteins , DNA and membranes; statistical mechanics and dynamics of branched polymers and polymer networks; rheology of complex fluids.
Prof. R. NagarajanInorganicMaterial syntheis (bulk and thin film), structural characterization and transport property measurements , structure- property relationship in solid and thin films.
Prof. S. UmaInorganicSynthesis of new materials (mesoporous , microporous and nanoscale) crystal strucure evaluation, structure property relationships , oxide-ion conductors and photocatalysts of environmental remediation
Prof. M. ThirumalPhysicalSolid-State Chemistry
Prof. A. K. VermaOrganicDesign of Benzotriozole based novel and inexpensive ligands for copper and palladium-catalyzed C-n(N-arylation ), C-S (S-Arylation) C-C (Suzuki Sonogashira and Heck) coupling reactions; Regeoselective tandem synthesis of variety of poly hetrocycles natural products and π- conjugated organic materials by copper and palladium catalyzed reactions, Metal catalyzed synthesis of natural products like scaffolds by the tandom/cascade reaction
Prof. M. D. MiltonOrganicDesign and synthesis of fluorescent sensors; design and synthesis of advance materials, development of new methodologies for functional group transformations; synthesis of novel heterocyclic compounds and their applications, organocatalysis, transition-metal catalyzed cross-coupling reactions, development of multi-catalyst systems for organic transformations..
Prof. Indrajit RoyPhysicalPhysical Chemistry, Material Science, Nanomedicine, Biophotonics
Prof. P. VenkatesuPhysicalBiophysical Chemistry, Polymer behaviour in coexisting liquid phases . Thermodynamic properties of non-electrolyte systems.
Prof. Raj Kishore SharmaPhysicalEnergy storage and conversion devices (Fuel Cells , Photovoltaic cells and Super-Capacitors),Characterization of nano-structure materials and thin-films .
Prof. Rakesh KumarOrganicDesign and synthesis of biologically active 1,4-Dihydro -pyridines Azasugars, Alkaloids etc. and their applications as metal sensors and Bio-imaging.
Prof. Rakesh Kumar SharmaPhysicalPreparation, characterizations of applications of Metals/ Ceramics / Polymeric/ Magnetic nanoparticles
Prof. Firasat HussainInorganicCrystal Engineering, Nanomolecular Structural Chemistry, Synthesis of Polyozometalates as molecular magnets, lanthanoid Chemistry, Catalysis
Dr. Dhanraj T MasramInorganicPolymer Synthesis , Orgenomettalic Chemistry
Dr. Brajendra K SinghOrganicBio organic Chemistry , enzyme assisted reactions and microwave assisted Chemistry
Prof. Surendra SinghInorganicImmobilization of biocatalysts and Organocatalysts , assymetric catalysis, synthesis of biologically active natural products and their analogues.
Dr. Ram Kuntal HazraPhysicalExploration of tunneling and co-tunneling of heavy fermions of quantum dots emerging Kondo-effect at low-temperature
Dr. Sasanka DekaInorganicNano chemistry; Novel nanomaterials for energy research & applications; Nanomaterials for catalyst; Multifunctional materials; Hybrid nanocrystals; Inorganic chemistry
Dr. Kovuru GopalaiahOrganicC-H Bond activation and functionalization, Design and development of novel synthetic strategies/new chemical reactivity, Metal-catalyzed Cascade/Tandem/Domino reactions, Synthesis of biologically significant heterocycles and natural products.
Dr. Sandeep KaurInorganicCatalysis, Bioinorganic and coordination chemistry
Dr. Ramendra P SinghOrganicMetal and nonmetal catalyse synthesis of Arenes and Hetroarenes, Nucleoside Modification and Microwave assisted Synthesis
Dr. Alok Kumar RaiInorganicNovel solution-based synthesis to produce nanostructured metal oxides, Energy storage nanomaterials for lithium ion and post lithium ion batteries applications, TEM studies on Li-intercalated/de-intercalated metal oxide nanomaterials, Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy.