Professor M. Thirumal

(Senior Professor)

Dr. M. Thirumal joined the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi in 2007 as a Reader and become Associate Professor in 2010 and Professor in 2013. He had his Master of Science degree in General chemistry from Madras University, Master of Technology (M.Tech) degree in Modern Methods of Chemical analysis from I.I.T Delhi and his Ph.D degree in Materials science, also, from I.I.T Delhi.He had more than four years of post-doctoral research experience from Department of Material science and Engineering, University of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. He is extensively working on the microwave dielectric materials, an important material for wireless communications. His group made several breakthroughs: identified and characterized an important secondary phase in the commercially used dielectric resonator material, which has been an major issue in this research area for nearly three decades, discovered the presence of vacancy in cubic perovskites, discovered how to stabilize certain high temperature phases, The vital importance of calcinations has been experimentally proved, The influence of liquid phase in sintering had been reemphasized with substantial evidence, The influence of ordering on sintering and density in triple perovskites had been identified, along with other interesting results.His current and future area of research focus around, Microwave Dielectrics, Multiferroics, Solid oxide fuel cells, Non Lead based ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, Phosphors and Nanomaterials.

Selected Publications:

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