Joydeb Goura

Dr. Joydeb Goura

(Assistant Professor)

Joydeb Goura was born and grew up in a small village (Kharika) in West Bengal, India. After completing his school education in the interior region, he obtained B.Sc. degree in Chemistry (Hons.) from Midnapore College affiliated Vidyasagar University and M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry specialization from Vidyasagar University (West Bengal). He completed his Ph.D. in Chemistry with Prof. V. Chandrasekhar at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) in 2014. During Ph.D., he worked in a frontier research area involving molecular magnetic materials and multifunctional complexes. He has extensive post-doctoral research experience in different aspects of inorganic chemistry containing 3d and 4f metal ions and their applications. He has published 37 research papers in highly reputed peer-reviewed international journals. He received SERB Indo-US Postdoctoral Fellowship (IUSSTF) in 2016, Twotimes Marie Curie Seal of Excellence award-2018 & 2019 for excellent research proposals under Horizon 2020 MSCA-IF Action and Ramanujan Fellowship for the year 2021.

In June 2023, Joydeb joined the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi as an Assistant Professor. His current research interest lies in the areas of Molecular Magnetism and Metal Clusters as well as Lanthanide Coordination Polymers as Potential for Magnetic and Luminescence materials.

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