Professor A. K. Prasad

(Senior Professor and Head of the Department)

Prof. A. K. Prasad

Prof. A.K. Prasad did his PhD from University of Delhi in 1990 in the area of synthesis of Bioactive Polyphenolic Natural Products under the kind supervision of Professor A. C. Jain, Cantab., D.Sc., Bhatnagar Awardee. After spending about a decade as Post-doctoral fellow/ Visiting Scientist at the University of Southern Denmark, University of Copenhagen, Max-Planck-Institute for Molecular Physiology (Germany), La Sapienza University Rome (Italy) and University of Massachusetts Lowell (USA), Professor Prasad joined this Department as Reader in September 200l and subsequently became Professor in June 2009. Professor Prasad is a member of Several National and International professional societies and has published over 200 research papers in journals of international repute along with 10 patents. He has presented more than 175 research papers at different national and international conferences / symposia and delivered 75 invited lectures in the Universities, Institutes and Industries in India, Australia, USA, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Holland, Switzerland, Japan, China, etc. Presently Professor Prasad has a research group of eight PhD students and five Post-doctoral fellows. His research interest lies in the area of Synthesis of Sugar-PEG based Amphiphiles as novel carrier agents, Modified Nucleoside Monomers for therapeutic oligonucleotide Synthesis, Biotransformations, Natural Products Chemistry and Synthesis of Bioactive Heterocyclic compounds. He is handling various research projects including bilateral projects funded by DRDO, DBT, DST, NMPB and University of Delhi. He has been recipient of visiting professorship at JAIST Japan (2015 – to-date), ACCTI Excellence in Carbohydrate Research Award 2015, ISCB Award for Excellence in Chemical Sciences 2014, e-TCR Best Paper Award 2012, Visiting Associate Professorship at SDU, Denmark (2009-10), CRSI Young Scientist Award 2007, DANIDA (Denmark) Fellow 1992-96, National Scholarship Award, etc. He has been the Editor / Guest editor of Biochemie published by Elsevier (Impact Factor -4); Indian J. Chemistry and Trends in Carbohydrate Research, etc. He has also been involved in the organization of many International and National conferences / symposia in the Department.

Selected Publications:

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