Professor Rama Kant

(Senior Professor)

Professor Rama Kant did his B.Sc. (Chemistry Hons.) and M.Sc. (Physical Chemistry) from University of Delhi. He obtained his Ph.D. degree from the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore under guidance of late Professor S. K. Rangarajan, FNA, FASc, FTWAS in the Department of Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. He was awarded Dr. Srinivasa Rao Krishnamurty Best Thesis Medal in the area of Electrochemistry and Electrochemical Engineering (for the year 1994-95). His first postdoctoral research training was done under guidance of a Nobel Laureate late Professor P. G. de Gennes at College de France (Paris) and, also another with Professor T. C. B. McLeish, FRS, at University of Leeds, in the area of Polymer Physics. He is recipient of many international fellowships, viz. EPSRC (Britain) fellowship, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (France) fellowship, University of Freiburg (Germany) fellowship etc. Prof. Rama Kant joined Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi in 2003 as Reader/Associate Professor and in 2009 was appointed as Professor. He has guided research work of many PhD students and MPhil students. His research interests include the development of Theories, Simulations and Experiments on Complex Systems in Electrochemistry and Polymers. Prof. Rama Kant has pioneered and extensively developed difficult research area of Theories for the Electrochemistry on Rough, Porous and Heterogeneous Electrodes. His significant contributions are derivation of (more than 200) fundamental and novel equations for electrochemistry of disordered (viz. atomic and nano scale) and nano-structured electrodes, which led to the generalization of several well known classical equations in fundamental electrochemistry. His contributions to knowledge lead to the fundamental understanding of dynamics of electric double layer and electrode kinetics of rough and fractal electrodes, and their transient responses, viz. chronoamperometry, impedance, chronocoulometry, chronoabsorptiometry, pulse voltammetries and admittance voltammetry. Recently he has developed novel modular theoretical approach for the impedance spectroscopy of complex electrochemical systems and devices. Professor Rama Kant is elected as a Fellow of Indian National Science Academy (2022), Fellow of Indian Academy of Sciences (2015), awarded CRSI Bronze Medal (2015) and Acharya J.C. Ghosh Memorial Medal (2016) in recognition of his contributions to Fundamental Electrochemistry.

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