Prof. Kovuru Gopalaiah


Professor Kovuru Gopalaiah joined the Department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, in 2010. He received Ph.D. in  Organic Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore, India, under the supervision of Professor S. Chandrasekhar. He did his postdoctoral research work from 2006 to 2008 with Professor Henri B Kagan (HonFRSC, Wolf Prize recipient) at University of Paris-Sud, France, and also worked as visiting Scientist at University of Florida, USA.

He has guided six students for the award of Ph.D., and mentored several M.Sc internship students. He has published more than 30 research articles in peer reviewed international and national journals, and one patent. He is the recipient of the Dr. Lakshmi Endowment Medal (2019) from ISCAS, and Prof. Sudheer K Banerjee Memorial Award (2014) from the Indian Council of Chemists. Dr. Gopalaiah’s research interests include (i) Design and development of novel synthetic strategies/new chemical reactivity, (ii) C-H bond activation and functionalization, (iii) Metal-catalyzed Cascade/Tandem reactions, and (iv) Synthesis of biologically significant heterocycles and natural products.

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