Professor Shrikant Kukreti

(Senior Professor)

Professor Shrikant Kukreti joined department of Chemistry, University of Delhi, as a lecturer in 1998. Soon after his Ph.D. in the area of Biophysical Chemistry from University of Roorkee (IIT Roorkee), he joined Center for Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in 1990 as a Teaching and Research Associate. He continued his research working on biophysical aspects of Protein-Nucleic Acid interactions. In 1993, he received “Marie Curie Fellowship” from the Commission of European Community (CEC), awarded by DST, Government of India, and worked on DNA triple helices, with the group of Prof. Claude Helene at Laboratoire de Biophysique, Museum of Natural History, Paris, France. Further, receiving fellowships from “Foundation pour la Researche Medicale” (FRM), CNRS and “Association pour la Researche sur le Cancer” (ARC), he continued his post-doctoral research work till Oct., 1997, at the structural biology laboratory at Institute Gustave Roussy, Paris. He has also been a visiting fellow (2004) at Dept. of Molecular Biology, Princeton University. He has presented research papers in International Conferences held at Albany (USA), Princeton (USA), Crete, (Greece), Veldhoven, (The Netherlands) and Sheffield, (U.K) etc. He became reader in 2001, and subsequently Professor in 2009. His research interests are Biomolecular Structure and Interactions, in particular the biophysical aspects of multi-stranded DNA /RNA structures and polymorphism, using biophysical and biochemical methods. He has published research articles in international journals of repute and is reviewer of several highly rated Journals. He has supervised Eighteen Ph.D and five M.Phil students. Currently, seven Ph.D students are working under his guidance. His laboratory has been funded by national agencies and from Delhi University (DU), DU-DST-PURSE, UGC, DST, and DBT.

Selected Publications:

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